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Cognitive Behavioral and Wellness Coaching & Speaker

 Journey to a Better You

CBT Wellness

As a Certified Behavioral Therapist Life Coach, my goal is to support your specific wellness goals, help encourage your individual needs, and guide you to a better tomorrow. Together, we’ll push boundaries in order to come up with a personalized plan designed just for you.



Cynthya Pagan 


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Global Goodwill Ambassador
GGA My Body is My Body Representative
World Peace Ambassador


in Private or in a Group




  • Individual and group consultation

  • Life Coaching (CBT), Counseling

  • Gaining the Goal,

  • Emotional Intimacy,

  • Journey within

  • Marriage Goals  & intimacy

  • Grief & loss

  • Elder Abuse/abuse from elder

  • Domestic Violence

  • Sexual Assault


  • Life Coaching (CBT)

  • Gaining the Goal

  •  Emotional Intimacy

  • Journey within

  • Teen Dating Violence Certification

  • Domestic Violence 101

  • Human and Sex trafficking 101

  • Sexual Assault 101

  • Military Domestic Violence

Speaking Engagements

  • Teen Dating Violence

  • Domestic Violence

  • Bullying and Cyberbullying

  • Womens Empowerment

  • Epilepsy Advocate/Survivor

  • Scoliosis Mom and Advocate

  • Childrens Author 5 star

  • Military Spousal Domestic Volence Survivor and sexual assault survivor


“It took me a long time to be able to gain confidence especially after much of the trauma I had faced. After a few steps and goals, I have a new job, a new apartment, and a new outlook on life.”


“I had a hard time trusting people around me and never understood why? I needed direction, guidance, and measures to help me gain trust back after losing hope. Wellness Goals help me do just that.”

Annie M.

" Fui tan maltratada después de mi última relación y en la vida en general. El Wellness Goals me ayudó a encontrar metas, pautas y áreas en mi vida que necesitaban ser sanadas y aún necesitan ser sanadas para poder ser una mejor persona para el mañana. Que Dios los bendiga  ”


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