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My name is Cynthya Pagan. I am a professional speaker and author. My vision is to help and educate women and men to rediscover their potential for holistic healing and passion for redefining their purpose and gaining the courage to act on the walk of rediscovery after dealing with abuse and trauma.

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My Story

So, I am one of many military wives you hear statistics about but hardly ever see. I am a 28-year survivor of the military, domestic violence, sexual assault, and mental and psychological abuse while stationed with my ex-husband in MCAS Cherry Point, NC. I have devoted my life to reaching out to those affected by abuse and trauma; now, I know every face, story, and wound of abuse is different, and mine was no different. While facing abuse while pregnant at MCAS Cherry Point base with an abusive husband who kept me from eating, would not let me go out, and would not provide me with the necessities to care for myself, you would say my life felt like a scene from NCIS. I knew I would die, and after being choked, hit, slapped, manipulated, and mentally and psychologically abused, all I wanted was out. I felt the only way was probably death and suicide. The only thing that kept me going was to cover myself and protect myself after the many hits from my ex-husband from killing my unborn baby named Joseph. I was thankful to have a good friend who worked with my ex, who saw and recognized the abuse and came to my aid when my husband was not around so as not to cause me any more violence and pain. He would help me with food, so I would hide it to eat and keep nourished for my baby and me. He provided rides to my doctors and allowed me to borrow his vehicle to go to the PX and commissary, and, at the end of it, he helped me escape safely and call my mom when I had to leave and could do so safely. I do not know what would have happened to Joseph or me had he not recognized or seen the signs of abuse.

    I am proud to be a multi-racial LatinX Puerto Rican CEO and founder of FFT Helping Others and FFT Helping Others Counseling LLC, plus the founder of the National Domestic Violence Rally since 2019......


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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